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oozie shell action

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I created a similar job as in :

On execution the yarn log shows as success.

But I can't see the /tmp/output file being created anywhere. I checked on the local linux host as well as hdfs.

One question I have is in -


Should the configuration files (, coordinator.xml etc) reside in the above directory? I have them there.

Not sure what is happening.

Appreciate the insights.


Master Guru

@n c -> Needs to be on local filesystem on Oozie client from where you wish to submit the oozie job -run command. No need to have this file on HDFS.

workflow.xml -> This needs to be on HDFS.

script -> This needs to be on HDFS.

Regarding your question on python script - Please refer below article for how to create coordinator ( Please ignore input event part )

in coordinator.xml you mention "<app-path>${workflowAppUri}</app-path>" that's what is location of workflow.xml

Please use Ambari workflow manager to design coordinators and workflows with easy WebUI.

Hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please accept my answer if it was helpful. 🙂

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@Kuldeep Kulkarni , does your example :

set the job to run once a day?

If not, can you please let me know how to do that? I want to run a job once daily. Thanks.

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@n c
For some reason, I'm not able to add a comment in this post so replying as an answer:

For CDH, you can use Hue to design the submit the workflow.

For frequency - here is you can change the frequency of coordinator as per your requirement


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@Kuldeep Kulkarni, there are many lines with "input data" in the page you referred - not sure which ones to ignore.

Should I ignore the sections for datasets/input events/output events - that will leave only the workflow section.

Is that right?

Can't I use the coordinator from your shell action example?

But in that I don't see : "<app-path>${workflowAppUri}</app-path>"

Appreciate the clarification.