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oozie spark action failing


oozie spark action failing

am trying to run oozie spark action but it is getting failed , i checked logs for the same , it is showing below error :

2018-03-16 07:38:10,319 INFO [main] org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration.deprecation: is deprecated. Instead, use 2018-03-16 07:38:10,771 WARN [main] org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Client: Failed to connect to server: rm1/oozie_server:8032: retries get failed due to exceeded maximum allowed retries number: 0 Connection refused at Method) at at

2018-03-16 07:38:10,780 INFO [main] org.apache.hadoop.yarn.client.ConfiguredRMFailoverProxyProvider: Failing over to rm2

I have some queries :

1. I have mentioned in value of jobtracker= rm1:8050 with this I was able to submit job earlier , is it necessary if now rm2 is in active state and rm1 is in standby then there is need to change value of jobtracker to rm2 ,

how to check what port rm2 is connecting .

please help on this ,

Thanks in advance


Re: oozie spark action failing

this is happening for spark2 only spark1 is running successfully .


Re: oozie spark action failing

Expert Contributor

@Anurag Mishra Redirection to Active resource manager happens automatically. You can put any RM in

For reference

If the Active goes down, they resume the round-robin polling until they hit the “new” Active. This default retry logic is implemented as org.apache.hadoop.yarn.client.ConfiguredRMFailoverProxyProvider.

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