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oozie spark action table not found

New Contributor

I am trying to set up a spark action workflow within apache oozie though I'm getting the following error when select * from db.table is called within my spark code in a hive context:

org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException: Table not found: `db`.`table`; line 1 pos 34

This spark job works with spark-submit so I can't seem to nail down the issue. I've added hive-site.xml to various locations recommended in previous questions such as the workspace lib directory and the workspace directory and added it to the job.xml setting though I still get the same issue.

I'm running in deploy mode cluster and master yarn.

I've tried many combinations and not sure what else to do.

Where am I going wrong?


New Contributor

Hello @Abdul Haseeb Hussain, I am experiencing the same exact problem and I am completely stuck.

Did you find a solution to the issue?

Thx a lot!