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permission denied error while trying to place files in dir


Hi Team,

not able to load the files to /oradata3 dir as i am getting permission denied error.

i logged into user "hdpuser" trying to to place files in /oradata3 dir and hdpuser is part of hdpadmin(normal group, just name) and blrgroup.

/oradata3 dir is owned by blruser and blrgroup, i gave permission 775 to this dir and now everyone can load the data right users who are part of blrgroup ?.

these groups are existed in all cluster machines.

please fine the attached one for more clear.permission.PNG



Hi Balaji,

Could you please switch your user to hdfs with "hdpuser" then try to put the files on hdfs.

And also could you please check your hdfs policy in Ranger.



Expert Contributor

Provide permission as 777 if you want all users to write into the folder