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permission failure when using beeline

we are using ambari with hdp 2.6.5


the permissions are being managed by the ranger, but checking the ranger settings, it's only managing the /apps/hive/warehouse directory on the hdfs


the problem we are having is in the /area/data/pll directory on the hdfs, this directory has acl rwx permission for the user


using beeline to create an external table is returning the error:


Error: Error while compiling statement: FAILED: HiveAccessControlException Permission denied: user [service_user] does not have [ALL] privilege on [hdfs://service1/area/data/pll] (state=42000,code=40000)


but using hive cli does not return error, table is created successfully.


What could be causing this problem?


Super Collaborator

Hi @yagoaparecidoti Ranger Hive plugin only applies to Hiveserver2. Hive CLI should be protected using permissions at the HDFS folder/file level using Ranger or HDFS ACLs.

hi @Scharan 


so, does the ranger only work the permissions if it uses beeline or connections that access the hiveserver2 address?

hi @Scharan 


the same goes for sentry?