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phoenix delete command deleting more record s from table then it holds

New Contributor

Hi All,


we are using phoenix 5 with habse2.0.2 in HDP3.1.5.


we have noticed a scenario when we are issuing a delete command for the table it deleted more records than it holds.



phoenix sqline

select count(*) from table_name;



delete from table_name;



Can anybody please advise on this?


Super Collaborator

Hello @vishal6196 


Thanks for using Cloudera Community. Based on the Post, the Phoenix Delete Command is reporting more records being deleted than the Select Count(*) returns. Thank You for sharing the HDP & Phoenix Version as well. 


Few Queries for your Team:

  • Whether the Observation is made for all Tables or Selective Table(s),
  • Explain Output of the Select & Delete SQL,
  • Any Index of the Phoenix Table being deleted,
  • If Performing MajorCompaction on the Table before Deleting (Just for Sanity Check) shows any Difference with respect to the Rows Deleted via Delete SQL. 


Regards, Smarak