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phoenix multi zookeeper instances


Hi ,

We have 2 HDP clusters (2.3 version) - Master and DR. Each cluster has its own zookeeper.

connecting via Phoenix we are trying to use zookeepers from both clusters

For example:

Master zookeeper instances: host1, hos2, host3

DR zookeeper instances: host4, host5, host6

connection string looks like:


Using such connection string we are trying to achieve DR capabilities. In the case of Master is down we will use DR.

However using this connection string Phoenix is connected to Master or DR cluster RANDOMLY.


1) Is it supported using Phoenix for both zookeeper quorums from Prod and DR (host1,host2,host3,host4,host5,host6)?

2) Is there a way to control connection to Master or to DR? I mean prevent Randomness of the connection?




No, this is not going to work as you want it to. A client will randomly pick a ZooKeeper server from the list provided. This is how ZooKeeper works -- you cannot change this logic.

You will need to implement your own logic that controls when clients use the Master cluster and when they use the DR cluster.

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