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problem on instaling ambari and hdp

i read the documents on hortonworks for setting a local repository and now in the "install, start and tests" it failed. the error is this:

  raise Fail("Applying %s failed, parent directory %s doesn't exist" % (self.resource, dirname))
resource_management.core.exceptions.Fail: Applying File['/usr/hdp/current/hadoop-client/conf/hadoop-policy.xml'] failed, parent directory /usr/hdp/current/hadoop-client/conf doesn't exist

what should i do? any idea?


Super Mentor

@Daniel Allardice

Sometimes it happens if the Client RPMs are not installed properly. So attempting to reinstall the clients fixes the issue.

Also please check if the following is a symlink (Not a directory) . The HDP version might be different in your case though.

# ls -l /usr/hdp/current/hadoop-client/conf
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 26 Aug 22  2016 /usr/hdp/current/hadoop-client/conf -> /etc/hadoop/


Else please try creating the symlink on your own to see if it fixes the issue.

i fix the problem by running this command on each node:

yum -y erase hdp-select