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puthive3streaming permissions issue


Hello everybody,

Sorry for the basic question .

We are processing the data and pushing the data to Hive using Puthive3streaming in Nifi . However it writing the data as nifi:hadoop as owner and group names respectively . Is there anyway I can change the owners to my userid:myorgID in Puthive3streaming in orc format.

The problem here is we are unable to select the data in hive due to permission issue .

select count(*) from tbl results in permission denied nifi:hadoop . How would you tackle the problem .

Thanks ALL



Hi @Sindhu R

the files are written by the nifi user that runs the flow/nifi process.

the easy way to correct this would be to adjust the folders permissions manually or consider using Apache Ranger.

here is a link discussion-around-ranger-policies-for-hdfs, by Pierre Villard, it describes in detail how to provision access with ACL in combination with Apache Ranger


How can adjust nifi to change the username / permissions to 777 atleast . I think I have seen @Shu told few solution to tackle the problem However I cannot find this now .


hadoop fs -chmod 777 -R

and set "fs.permissions.umask-mode" to 022

umask 002 - Assigns permissions so that only you and members of your group have read/write access to files, and read/write/search access to directories you own. All others have read access only to your files, and read/search to your directories.

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