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"Attached Volume per instances" in cloudbreak azure Hadoop Deployment


I am deploying 4 node cluster on Azure using cloudbreak. I wanted to understand the meaning of "Attached Volume per instance" under Manage Template tab. Suppose i have 2 data disks of 512 GG each set up on Master/Namenode node. Does that mean that i have 2 volumes attached on master node(1 instance) and total volume size would be 512+512= 1024 GB? I wanted to clarify this before creating template for storage.



@Attila Kanto Could you please help in this?


Correct. However these are not necessarily physical disk


@Alex Gauthier

Thanks for answering. Just wanted to confirm one more thing that in case i donot have any data disk attached on any particular node i.e. lets say edge node then how much volume instance/total size should i specify while creating template for edge node? Or shall i use master node template in edge node as well?

Expert Contributor

@rahul gulati

This configuration totally depends on your use case. for example on datanodes I prefer more datadisk than on masternodes and also on master you should use beefier machines.