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"Select 1" and "select 1+1" queries

New Contributor

We see lot of "select 1" and "select 1+1" queries in impala.

When we reach out to user's from whose ID queries are triggered, they are clueless as they have not triggered the query. But, we see such query for every 1-2 mins. What could be the reason and solution for this problem?


Expert Contributor

Hi @Shruhti,

This indeed odd, my first assumption would be that the 'select 1' queries are triggered by a client application such as a BI tool silently. Maybe to check/keep the connection alive?

Might worth checking the trace level driver logs, that could verify if the queries are coming from a tool/application. This can be done by changing the driver log level, which is described here for ODBC.

Additionally, the query profile contains a Network Address as well, this should help confirm whether the source of the query is valid.