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rangerusersync fails to sync user and user entry is missing ...



I did implement ranger and has given policy to a user in ranger and after few operations, I could not see the same user in Users List of Ranger.

Also, rangerusersync is not sinking users and I don't see any such message in usersync.log

I am using HDP2.6.4 and ranger - 0.7.0.

Can someone help me on this.



Restart of usersync service is not fixing the issue.


Please post if there is any error in usersync logs. Is the usersync configured to sync users from unix or is it ldap

Contributor is integrated with AD.

There is no error on log.

Expert Contributor

Can you post your usersync configuration? Screenshots or usersync logs are fine. That way we can check if the filters for user and group search are configured correct.


@spolavarapu there are no filters and I am pasting screenshots here and my problem is:

User is present few days before in Ranger UI users list but absent all of sudden now.

Restarting rangerusersync service does not help me to get the user back and the user is still present in AD and in mentioned OU.

Rangerusersync log has no info about missing user being added again.

a) If we delete a user by mistake then will we be loosing that user permanently? How to recover from that mistake? Can I add the user using RESTAPI command like:

curl -u admin:admin -v -i -s -X POST -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://xxx:6080/service/xusers/secure/users -d @userfile.jsonusersync.jpg
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