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receipes do not running when cloudbreak 1.16 try to provision a cluster

When trying to create a cluster with cloudbreak the following Error occurs: Orchestrator component SaltJobIdTracker failed to start. Does someone know How I can solve this Problem?


Following is a screenshot of the error.

Following is a screenshot of the error in the event history:error2.jpg

@Chokri Ben Necib What kind of recipes (pre/post) would you like to run? Could you please send us the exception itself? It should be in cloudbreak log if you type:

cbd logs cloudbreak

it is a PRE recipe. It should set Proxy for Internet connection. in Attatchement you find also a section of the log.


@Chokri Ben Necib

It looks like the cluster install polling times out, this might be due to other long-running recipes.

You can try increasing the default values of 90 retry attempts (/5 sec) in Profile (then pls. do a cbd restart):


I've tried to reproduce the error with the same recipe, but my recipe had run successfully.

This is the command which runs the recipe, you can check the logs in the EC2 instance under "/var/log/recipes":

"sh -x /opt/scripts/pre/support-timeout-recipe 2>&1 | tee -a /var/log/recipes/pre-support-timeout-recipe.log && exit ${PIPESTATUS[0]}"

Are you sure that you applied the recipe to all the hostgroups? E.g. the one with Ambari?


Hope this helps!

@pdarvasi thank you for the hints. Unfortunatly, I could not find the order "/var/log/recipes". yes the recipe has been applied to all the hostgroups. I will try change the Profile as you mentioned.

To your information. I use cloudbreak 1.16

your solution does not work. I get the same error.

Then please share all Cloudbreak logs, because it is difficult to tell what went wrong otherwise.

Expert Contributor

Hi @Chokri Ben Necib

The problem with the proxy configuration that we do not configure the proxy on the deployed clusters. If you want to configure it on your cluster then you should do it before the salt bootstrap. You should define this variable and then write your script into that, to configure the proxy settings on the cluster:


you can define it in you profile with:

export CB_JAVA_OPTS="-Dcb.customData='touch /tmp/testdata'"

in this case the variable which you define here is a script which will run before the bootstrap process so it will configure the proxy on the cluster.

Br, R

@rdoktorics thanks. I tried the following statement and restarted cloudbreak. Unfortunately, cloudbreak does not work properly!! did I miss anything?

export CB_JAVA_OPTS=" -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080 -Dhttps.proxyPort=8080 -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts=|*.service.consul|*.node.dc1.consul -Dcb.customData='sudo echo proxy= >> /etc/yum.conf'"

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