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remove special characters from xml text node using nifi

New Contributor

Hi, i want to remove special characters like \,",' from a text node in the xml. May i know how to do this with replacetext processor.

xml path is something like this and i need to strip special character from the comment text.





<Comment>| 8/2/10 project. code needs to be in TX. SM |&#xA;

"8/2/10" \ Kaplan study materials ordered . SM |</Comment>






Super Guru

@Lokesh Garlapati

Configure ReplaceText processor as shown below


In search value we are looking for [\"|\\|'] any special characters in ",',\ and replacing with empty string.

Java Regex explanation:

[\"|\\|'] -> matches any character in ",',\ and | is act as or operator.

**Note: you need to change the Maximum Buffer size as per your flowfile size.

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