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save dataframe to a hive table

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How can I save a dataframe in to a Hive table or sql table using scala.

scala> input.printSchema()
 |-- UID: decimal(38,10) (nullable = false)
 |-- DTIME: date (nullable = false)
 |-- TARGET: string (nullable = false)
 |-- RAVG: decimal(38,10) (nullable = true)
 |-- RMIN: decimal(38,10) (nullable = true)
 |-- RMAX: decimal(38,10) (nullable = true)
 |-- RSTD: decimal(38,10) (nullable = true)
 |-- SUCCESSES: decimal(38,10) (nullable = true)
 |-- FAILURES: decimal(38,10) (nullable = true)
 |-- LOCID: decimal(38,10) (nullable = true)
 |-- FNAME: string (nullable = true)
 |-- LD_DT: date (nullable = true)
 |-- RECDDELFLG: string (nullable = true)
 |-- DT_DIM_SEQ: decimal(38,10) (nullable = false)

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import org.apache.spark.sql.hive.HiveContext;

HiveContext sqlContext = new org.apache.spark.sql.hive.HiveContext(;


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@Adnan Alvee

<console>:31: error: object HiveContext in package hive cannot be accessed in package org.apache.spark.sql.hive
         HiveContext sqlContext = new org.apache.spark.sql.hive.HiveContext(

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Try this

val sqlContext = new org.apache.spark.sql.hive.HiveContext(sc)

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I think you are in spark-shell. For your case, simply do the following.


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I am using the above in saveasTable option pyspark and the file gets created under user/hive/warehouse. However the table is not reflected in hive.

df.write.mode("overwrite").saveAsTable("temp_d") leads to file creation in hdfs but no table in hive

Will hive auto infer the schema from dataframe or should we specify the schema in write?

Other option I tried, create a new table based on df=> select col1,col2 from table and then write it as a new table in hive

df.write.mode("append").saveAsTable("temp_d") leads to "No table exists error"

Is append not the correct option to save as a new table?

Kindly help!!

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@testingsauce I am also facing this issue. Saved df in HIVE using saveAsTable but when i try to fetch results using hiveContext.sql(query), it doesn't return anything. BADLY stuck. Please help

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Try creating a table in hive and then use df.write.mode("overwrite").saveAsTable("schema.table_name")

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saveAsTable("my_table") is deprecated. Create new ampty table, insert and overwrite data into it.

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"alisa houskova" - As per version 2.2.1, saveAsTable("") is not deprecated as shown in below screen shot, not sure which one did you refer.


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