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schema registry ui not accesible

I have co hosted both HDP and HDF using the same ambari. the cluster is kerberised too. After installing schema registry of HDF, i am not able to access the UI. I am prompted for a user name/password. I tried some kerberos principals and passwords, but none of them worked. i do see an error like this. IS there a way to avoid this or even skip kerberos for the registry UI.

Ambari used is 2.5.2

HDf - 3.0


Problem accessing /. Reason:

    GSSException: Defective token detected (Mechanism level: GSSHeader did not find the right tag)

Super Mentor


After setting the Kerberos , Have you also enabled SPNEGO? If yes then please check if on your Browser (like FireFox) you have set the below properties as well?

network.auth.use-sspi false 


As mentioned in the following link:

@Jay SenSharma, i didnt enable spnego for any of the services. other service ui's i am able to access without any issues. Is there a way to disable spnego for registry alone, i couldn't find that option in ambari

Same question here!

On a kerberos enabled cluster, where we do not (yet) want to have (all) UIs properly (SPNEGO) kerberized, I did not find a (documented) way to get the Schema Registry working without authentication.


However i found a work around (hack), to use the registry w//out security, by adding a line


directly in following file (version used in HDF-3.2.0), before Line 101:


Plz note: I'ld prefer to get rid of that hack

but I could not find any proper Doc in the HWX HDF Docs.

The most detailed Registry Doc I found (that does not directly relate to the respective Ambari registry configs):