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smartsense error in hdp 3.0

dear all,

i am installing HDP 3, the latest version on centos 7 64bit. during installation, i receive the following error. can somebody guide accordingly?

Total download size: 474 M

Installed size: 485 M

Downloading packages:

No Presto metadata available for ambari-


Std Err:
[Errno 14] curl#6 - "Could not resolve host:;
Unknown error"

Trying other mirror.



Error downloading packages:

smartsense-hst- [Errno 256] No more mirrors to


error: File not found by glob:


2018-10-02 14:34:00,347 - Skipping stack-select on
SMARTSENSE because it does not exist in the stack-select package structure.


Command failed after 1 tries


Cloudera Employee

Can you pls retry ? I was able to access to and download the rpm from this link :

Try to manually curl to this url.

if i curl it, where should i save it? so that the installation will detect it. can you please send the process stepwise?


Cloudera Employee