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spark2-shell consuming yarn resources even if its idle


Hello Team,


We have an issue where if any user runs spark2-shell command it defaults triggers 1 container job in yarn UI.


If user not running any processing or code inside spark2-shell and keep the sessios idle containers not getting released.


Is there any way we can set timeout on spark2-shell if its idle for some time?


- Vijay M


Master Collaborator
I am not 100% sure, but try to turn on yarn dynamic executors:

spark.dynamicAllocation.enabled = True
spark.dynamicAllocation.minExecutors = 0

This should "remove" the unused containers.




The cluster on which i am working both properties mentioned by you enabled by default, i tried to disable it but results in 3 containers started whn Users ran spar2-shell command.


Reverted the change and back to default.


Problem is:


my cluster has 40 cores and if 40 users just only ran spark2-shell command and do nothing all 40 spark2-shell command consumes 40 cores and no resources will be available in cluster.


I need something like timeout, if spark2-shell idle for 1 mins then user should get exited from spark2-shell?


Kindly suggest?


- Vijay M