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sqoop import inconsistent datatype issue

sqoop import inconsistent datatype issue

Master Collaborator

I am getting inconsistent data type in sqoop import , below are my source and target tables and sqoop command


18/06/26 09:54:27 INFO mapreduce.Job:  map 0% reduce 0%
18/06/26 09:54:33 INFO mapreduce.Job: Task Id : attempt_1526339051549_1088_m_000000_0, Status : FAILED
Error: SQLException in nextKeyValue
        at org.apache.hadoop.mapred.YarnChild.main(
Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected NUMBER got TIMESTAMP

sqoop command

sqoop job -Dmapreduce.job.user.classpath.first=true --create incjob -- import --connect "jdbc:oracle:thin:@(description=(address=(protocol=tcp)(host=dotstodb070)(port=1527))(connect_data=(service_name=trhprod)))" --username TRANHOST  --incremental append --check-column INSERT_TIME --table TRANHOST.UFM_VIEW -split-by UFM_VIEW.UFMID  --target-dir /user/root/_sqoop --hbase-table 'Sami:UFM2' --column-family F1 --hbase-row-key "UFMID" --columns "UFMID,LANEUFMSEQNO,LANEID,PLAZAID,TXNTM,TIP_ID,TIPUFMSEQ,INSERT_TIME" --boundary-query "SELECT MIN(\"INSERT_TIME\"), MAX(\"INSERT_TIME\") FROM \"UFM_VIEW\" WHERE ( \"INSERT_TIME\" > TO_DATE('24-JAN-2017', 'DD-MON-YYYY') AND  \"INSERT_TIME\" <= TO_DATE('25-JAN-2017', 'DD-MON-YYYY'))"

source table structure

SQL> desc ufm_view
 Name                                      Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
 UFMID                                     NOT NULL NUMBER(19)
 LANEUFMSEQNO                              NOT NULL NUMBER(10)
 LANEID                                    NOT NULL NUMBER(2)
 PLAZAID                                   NOT NULL VARCHAR2(6)
 TXNTM                                     NOT NULL TIMESTAMP(6)
 TIP_ID                                    NOT NULL VARCHAR2(255)
 TIPUFMSEQ                                 NOT NULL NUMBER(10)
 CCTVETM                                            TIMESTAMP(6)
 CCTVSTM                                            TIMESTAMP(6)
 COLID                                              VARCHAR2(4)
 LIST1                                              VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST2                                              VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST3                                              VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST4                                              VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST5                                              VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST6                                              VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST7                                              VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST8                                              VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST9                                              VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST10                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST11                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST12                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST13                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST14                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST15                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST16                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST17                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST18                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST19                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST20                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LIST21                                             VARCHAR2(160)
 LANEMODE                                           VARCHAR2(5)
 LANEPOS                                            VARCHAR2(2)
 LANESTATE                                          VARCHAR2(7)
 LANETYPE                                           VARCHAR2(5)
 LEGACY                                             NUMBER(1)
 POSLSTTM                                           TIMESTAMP(6)
 RATETBLTM                                          TIMESTAMP(6)
 TAGPLTTBLTM                                        TIMESTAMP(6)
 TIPADJ                                             NUMBER(1)
 TOURID                                             VARCHAR2(4)
 TXNURL                                             VARCHAR2(255)
 LEVOFSVC                                           NUMBER(2)
 MAINTTYPE                                          VARCHAR2(6)
 MAINTID                                            VARCHAR2(4)
 CALCLASS                                           NUMBER(2)
 CALCLASSRULE                                       VARCHAR2(6)
 CALPVPLZID                                         VARCHAR2(6)
 CALPVPLZRULE                                       VARCHAR2(6)
 PLTACCTID                                          NUMBER(8)
 PREPAIDPASS                                        VARCHAR2(7)
 INDREV                                             NUMBER(6,2)
 FULFAREREV                                         NUMBER(6,2)
 DISFAREREV                                         NUMBER(6,2)
 ETCREV                                             NUMBER(6,2)
 ETCDISREV                                          NUMBER(6,2)
 ACTREV                                             NUMBER(6,2)
 PAYMETHOD                                          VARCHAR2(8)
 TMDAYCSHMULT                                       NUMBER(6,2)
 TMDAYETCMULT                                       NUMBER(6,2)
 LVLSVCCSHMULT                                      NUMBER(6,2)
 LVLSVCETCMULT                                      NUMBER(6,2)
 DAYOFWKMULT                                        NUMBER(6,2)
 HOLIDAYMULT                                        NUMBER(6,2)
 TXNREC1LANEID                                      NUMBER(2)
 TXNREC1LNTOK                                       NUMBER(19)
 TXNREC2LANEID                                      NUMBER(2)
 TXNREC2LNTOK                                       NUMBER(19)
 TXNREC3LANEID                                      NUMBER(2)
 TXNREC3LNTOK                                       NUMBER(19)
 TXNREC4LANEID                                      NUMBER(2)
 TXNREC4LNTOK                                       NUMBER(19)
 TXNREC5LANEID                                      NUMBER(2)
 TXNREC5LNTOK                                       NUMBER(19)
 TXNREC6LANEID                                      NUMBER(2)
 TXNREC6LNTOK                                       NUMBER(19)
 APMCASHEQSTAT                                      VARCHAR2(7)
 DISPENSER1ID                                       VARCHAR2(7)
 DISPENSER1TYPE                                     CHAR(3)
 DISPENSER1COUNT                                    NUMBER(2)
 DISPENSER2ID                                       VARCHAR2(7)
 DISPENSER2TYPE                                     CHAR(3)
 DISPENSER2COUNT                                    NUMBER(2)
 DISPENSER3ID                                       VARCHAR2(7)
 DISPENSER3TYPE                                     CHAR(3)
 DISPENSER3COUNT                                    NUMBER(2)
 VAULT1ID                                           VARCHAR2(7)
 VAULT1CURRENCYCTS                                  CHAR(78)
 VAULT2ID                                           VARCHAR2(7)
 VAULT2CURRENCYCTS                                  CHAR(78)
 VAULT3ID                                           VARCHAR2(7)
 VAULT3CURRENCYCTS                                  CHAR(78)
 VAULT4ID                                           VARCHAR2(7)
 VAULT4CURRENCYCTS                                  CHAR(78)
 APMCREQSTAT                                        VARCHAR2(7)
 APMCRAUTHCODE                                      NUMBER(6)
 APMCRAUTHSTAT                                      VARCHAR2(7)
 APMCRCCTXNNO                                       CHAR(28)
 APMCRCARDTYPE                                      VARCHAR2(5)
 APMCREXPDATE                                       VARCHAR2(6)
 APMCRGATEWAY                                       NUMBER(1)
 APMCRLASTFOUR                                      VARCHAR2(4)
 APMCRNRCID                                         VARCHAR2(15)
 APMCRNRCVALID                                      NUMBER(1)
 AVIEQSTAT                                          VARCHAR2(7)
 AGENCY                                             NUMBER(2)
 INTERNAL                                           NUMBER(19)
 LOWBAT                                             NUMBER(1)
 PASBAK                                             NUMBER(1)
 AVIPREVLANE                                        NUMBER(2)
 AVIPREVPLZID                                       VARCHAR2(6)
 AVIPREVTKID                                        NUMBER(4)
 AVITXNID                                           NUMBER(4)
 AVIPREVTM                                          TIMESTAMP(6)
 REGION                                             NUMBER(2)
 REVTYPE                                            VARCHAR2(10)
 TPDRID                                             VARCHAR2(8)
 TPDRSTAT                                           VARCHAR2(11)
 CANOPYLTEQSTAT                                     VARCHAR2(7)
 GATEEQSTAT                                         VARCHAR2(7)
 ITLEQSTAT                                          VARCHAR2(7)
 OCREQSTAT                                          VARCHAR2(7)
 GCKEYCONF                                          NUMBER(4)
 HPRDCONF                                           NUMBER(4)
 HORPOS                                             NUMBER(4)
 HORSIZE                                            NUMBER(4)
 JURIS                                              VARCHAR2(3)
 JURISCONF                                          NUMBER(4)
 MATCHFPID                                          NUMBER(10)
 OCRIMGURL                                          VARCHAR2(255)
 PLATETYPE                                          NUMBER(2)
 PLTAREACONF                                        NUMBER(4)
 PLTMATCHCONF                                       NUMBER(4)
 PLTRDCONF                                          NUMBER(4)
 PLTREAD                                            VARCHAR2(16)
 FEATMATCHCONF                                      NUMBER(4)
 VEHMATCHCONF                                       NUMBER(4)
 VERTPOS                                            NUMBER(4)
 VERTSIZE                                           NUMBER(4)
 POSTAVCEQSTAT                                      VARCHAR2(7)
 POSTAVCLOOPCLASS                                   NUMBER(2)
 POSTAVCLOOPSPEED                                   NUMBER(3)
 POSTAVCREVAXLECT                                   NUMBER(2)
 PREAVCEQSTAT                                       VARCHAR2(7)
 PREAVCLOOPCLASS                                    NUMBER(2)
 PREAVCLOOPSPEED                                    NUMBER(3)
 PREAVCREVAXLECT                                    NUMBER(2)
 PTDEQSTAT                                          VARCHAR2(7)
 RECEIPTPRTEQSTAT                                   VARCHAR2(7)
 VESEQSTAT                                          VARCHAR2(7)
 IMG1RANK                                           NUMBER(1)
 IMG1URL                                            VARCHAR2(255)
 IMG1TYPE                                           CHAR(1)
 IMG2RANK                                           NUMBER(1)
 IMG2URL                                            VARCHAR2(255)
 IMG2TYPE                                           CHAR(1)
 IMG3RANK                                           NUMBER(1)
 IMG3URL                                            VARCHAR2(255)
 IMG3TYPE                                           CHAR(1)
 IMG4RANK                                           NUMBER(1)
 IMG4URL                                            VARCHAR2(255)
 IMG4TYPE                                           CHAR(1)
 IMG5RANK                                           NUMBER(1)
 IMG5URL                                            VARCHAR2(255)
 IMG5TYPE                                           CHAR(1)
 IMG6RANK                                           NUMBER(1)
 IMG6URL                                            VARCHAR2(255)
 IMG6TYPE                                           CHAR(1)
 MLTEQSTAT                                          VARCHAR2(7)
 MLTCOLCMT                                          VARCHAR2(50)
 MLTCOLVEHCLASS                                     NUMBER(2)
 MLTCONVOY                                          NUMBER(1)
 MLTINSUFFUNDS                                      NUMBER(1)
 MLTNRCID                                           VARCHAR2(15)
 MLTNRCVALID                                        NUMBER(1)
 MLTPREVLANE                                        NUMBER(2)
 MLTPREVPLZID                                       VARCHAR2(6)
 MLTPREVTKID                                        NUMBER(4)
 MLTPREVTKVOID                                      NUMBER(1)
 MLTPREVTM                                          TIMESTAMP(6)
 MLTRUNTHRU                                         NUMBER(1)
 MLTCREQSTAT                                        VARCHAR2(7)
 MLTCRAUTHCODE                                      NUMBER(6)
 MLTCRAUTHSTAT                                      VARCHAR2(7)
 MLTCRCCTXNNO                                       CHAR(28)
 MLTCRCARDTYPE                                      VARCHAR2(5)
 MLTCREXPDATE                                       VARCHAR2(6)
 MLTCRGATEWAY                                       NUMBER(1)
 MLTCRLASTFOUR                                      VARCHAR2(4)
 MLTCRNRCID                                         VARCHAR2(15)
 MLTCRNRCVALID                                      NUMBER(1)
 ATIMEQSTAT                                         VARCHAR2(7)
 TKID                                               NUMBER(4)
 TKTAKEN                                            NUMBER(1)
 TKRDREQSTAT                                        VARCHAR2(7)
 TKRDRPREVCLASS                                     NUMBER(2)
 TKRDRPREVPLZID                                     VARCHAR2(6)
 TKRDRPREVTKID                                      NUMBER(4)
 TKRDRPREVTM                                        TIMESTAMP(6)
 TKRDRPREVLANE                                      NUMBER(2)
 VDACEQSTAT                                         VARCHAR2(7)
 VDACCLASS                                          NUMBER(2)
 VDACHEIGHT                                         NUMBER(3)
 VDACLEN                                            NUMBER(3)
 VDACWIDTH                                          NUMBER(2)
 INSERT_TIME                               NOT NULL TIMESTAMP(6)
 CMPSITMULT                                         NUMBER(5,2)
 LANETMHZN                                          TIMESTAMP(6)
 PREVTKID                                           NUMBER(4)

target Hbase table

hbase(main):002:0> describe 'Sami:UFM2'
Table Sami:UFM2 is ENABLED
2 row(s) in 6.9330 seconds


Re: sqoop import inconsistent datatype issue

Master Collaborator
I narrowed the error to the boundry query , if I remove it the sqoop command works. .

Re: sqoop import inconsistent datatype issue

Hi @Sami Ahmad!
Looking at your sqoop command, it seems that your issue comes from the different types used in --split-by (number column) and --boundary-query (timestamp column). If you take a look at the documentation (at 7.2.2. Selecting the Data to Import).

By default sqoop will use query select min(<split-by>), max(<split-by>) from <table name> to find out boundaries for creating splits. In some cases this query is not the most optimal so you can specify any arbitrary query returning two numeric columns using --boundary-query argument. 
Guess if you change your split-by column to the same column as boundary-query it should work (or vice-versa) :)
Hope this helps!