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sub days from temp column date value

New Contributor

im trying to substract 73 days from the 'today' column value below is what i have,

but it wont work. i got error msg "semanticexception[error]17980: operation is not supported. Table is not acid neither maprbjson.

How can i get this done pls

this is what i tried

create temp table myvv(taday date, rdf date, alert date)

insert into(today) select '2019-07-20;

update myvv set rdf = date_sub(today, 73)

column 'today' hold value date '2019-07-20' which ran successfully Im expecting: to substract 73 days from the 'today' column value

Expected result : column rdf , result 2019-05-08


Master Collaborator

Which version are you on? Is this Cloudera Hive distribution?  I think UPDATE command is not working because it is not an acid(transactional) table. For update command to work, it has to be an ACID table. @roti