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superset is not integrated with kerberized hive iam getting following error? can any one solve this issue

hi iam using python 3.7 and superset service from hdp 3.x.

ERROR: {"error": "Connection failed!\n\nThe error message returned was:\nPassword should be set if and only if in LDAP or CUSTOM mode; Remove password or use one of those modes"}



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@choppadandi vamshi krishna

Adjust the SQLAlchemy URI to get access to kerberized cluster:


And get kerberos ticket manually to make it work:

kinit -k -t /etc/security/keytabs/superset.headless.keytab 

Reference here

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hey thanks for your reply,i already checked the reference case ,added ldap properties in ambari superset config ,after adding the ldap properties in ambari ,the UI is shown Invalid login.So i remove the Ldap properties give the superset ticket to kerberos still i am facing that issue.

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