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unable to query from Ambari

New Contributor

I am unable to query from Amabri. It was working fine before. Its throwing an error message

Failed to execute query.
E090 HDFS030 Error in creation............[HdfsApiException]

FYI, I am able to run query from edgenode



@Somnath Kundu

Step 1: Identify the ambari-server daemon user id.

To check which os user is running ambari-server , use the following os command

# ps -ef |grep -i $(ambari-server status |grep -i PID |awk {'print $5'}) |awk {'print $1'}

The output will be the under which the Ambari server is running.

Step 2: Add the user in step one to custom property in HDFS Core-site.xml

In hdfs config, core-site.xml add the following custom properties.


If your ambari-server daemon is running under a different user, please change the user accordingly and retry you should succeed.Please revert


@Somnath Kundu

Any updates?

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