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Iam getting error while running job.. please

Running dqckpt Check for DHE_CALL_ADD_DISP_STAT.20170518.sot_dir_bnk_clb_home_eqty in p_gen Log file = /dsap/log/bnc/prod/dqckpt/dhe_call_add_disp_stat/dhe_call_add_disp_stat.20170518.sot_dir_bnk_clb_home_eqty.dqckpt.20170526060313.log Report Log = /dsap/log/bnc/prod/dqckpt/dhe_call_add_disp_stat/dhe_call_add_disp_stat.20170518.sot_dir_bnk_clb_home_eqty.20170526060313.rpt.log DBI connect('rw***','HASH(0x2249ce8)',...) failed: [unixODBC][Hortonworks][ODBC] (10380) Unable to establish a connection with data source. Missing settings: {[Host] [Port]} (SQL-08001) at /dsap/opt/bnc/bin/../lib/perl5/BnC/ line 110 Can't call method "prepare" without a package or object reference at /dsap/opt/bnc/bin/../lib/perl5/BnC/ line 4128. + RC=255 + set +x

UNIX ODBC is already installed


@suresh krish

POSSIBLE ROOT CAUSE: There are a number of possible root causes, but if all configurations have been verified as correct, it is good practice to check network connectivity between the ODBC client machine and the Hive server host. WHAT TO CHECK:

1. In ~/.odbc.ini, under the relevant [DRIVERNAME], verify the values of HOST (hive server machine) and PORT (usually 10000). Check these values are correct and without typos.

2. From the ODBC client machine, check that the Hive server and port are accessible. Use your preferred network tools. For example: nc HOST PORT or telnet HOST PORT

If the Hive server port is not accessible from the ODBC client machine, check with your network team or adjust your network settings so that it is possible to connect to the Hive port on the Hive host from the ODBC client machine.


I see everything as expected. My problem is . connectivity is working on one user and not working for another user

@suresh krish

The issue seems to be with user profile, please compare the profile working Vs non-working.