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upload file on HDP 2.6

I want to upload file to sandbox HDP2.6.

On HDP 2.4 i used to upload file using FTP and ip of sandbox. But on HDP 2.6 i am not able to connect via FTP.

I tried to change network to "Bridge". Some how VM is not responding to "ifconfig", unable to get IP of sandbox.


@pratik vagyani

With HDP 2.5+, the sandbox uses Docker, so you will need to specify port "2222". try the below sample command.

Windows host (will require scp client like cygwin):

scp -P 2222 C:/Users/rnkumashi/Downloads/sample.txt root@localhost:/root

Linux/MacOS host:

scp -P 2222 /Users/rnkumashi/Downloads/sample.txt root@localhost:/root

Alternatively, you can use the Ambari Files View to upload the file through the UI

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Expert Contributor

@pratik vagyani

Best and easy way is through Ambari File view upload option.

@pratik vagyani

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