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use helium package in zeppelin offline

use helium package in zeppelin offline



I am using Horton work HDP3.0 which has zeppelin 0.8.0. I followed to install helium viz packages. Since my environment does not have internet access, I have to install packages into local registry. Here is what I did:

step 1. added zeppelin.helium.localregistry.default in custom zeppelin-site settings, pointing to a local helium folder on the zeppelin master host. Restart zeppelin in ambari.

step 2. download to the helium folder.

step 3. create a npm package tarball, upload the zeppelin master host, unzip into the helium folder. I also updated the artifact to point to local npm folder (e.g. from sogou-map-vis@1.0.0 to /u01/helium/sogou-map-vis)

However, zeppelin's helium page does not list any viz packages.

Below post all indicate it is possible to use helium packages offline but it does not work for me:

I am not sure if using helium offline is officially supported by zeppelin.

Any clue is highly appreciated! Thanks.

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