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validationLevel error in the Stream simulator

New Contributor

When I am executing the trucking IOT sample provided in the following link (, I am getting the following error:

com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.UnrecognizedPropertyException: Unrecognized field "validationLevel" (class com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.SchemaMetadata), not marked as ignorable (6 known properties: "compatibility", "type", "name", "description", "evolve", "schemaGroup"])
 at [Source: {"schemaMetadata":{"type":"avro","schemaGroup":"truck-sensors-kafka","name":"raw-truck_speed_events_avro","description":"Raw Speed Events from trucks in Kafka Topic","compatibility":"BACKWARD","validationLevel":"ALL","evolve":true},"id":2,"timestamp":1508518760257}; line: 1, column: 213] (through reference chain: com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.SchemaMetadataInfo["schemaMetadata"]->com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.SchemaMetadata["validationLevel"])

I installed HDF that contains the schema registry version 0.3. Its code in Github already has the field validationlevel but the build's simulator has an older version that causes the error.


New Contributor

Hi, I am still getting the same error with HDF 3.0.2