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value cannot be converted to a timestamp

Expert Contributor

I have a mysql destination table with column type datetime.

my nifi flow is like convertJsontoSQL -> putsql (into destination table) The action is delete for putsql.

after conversion of jsontosql i am getting a value '2023-03-28 15:54:28' which is a valid timestamp.

but the flow is failing with below error:


duetoThevalue of the sqlargs. 14.value is '2023-03-28 15:54:28',

which cannot be converted to a timestamp; routing to failure: java.sql.SQLDataException:

The value of the sql.args. 14.value is '2023-03-28 15:54:28',

which cannot be converted to a timestamp

- Caused by: java. text. ParseException: Unparseable date: "2023-03-28 15:54:28"


I can able to use the same "2023-03-28 15:54:28" for manually inserting into a sample datetime column.

and can able to delete a record with where clause as this value.

I could not understand why Nifi is still not able to convert it to timestamp.


Any suggestions are appreciated.