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want to use site2sitebulletin reporting task for collecting all bulletins but only global bulletins are captured not processor specific

Hi Team,

@matt clark,@matt burgess

I want to use site2sitebulletin reporting task for collecting all bulletins on nifi instance and then send them to some monitoring flow for logging or sending emails to admin. But i found that only global bulletins (one shown in right corner of application) are captured using site2sitebulletin reporting task not bulletins which are seen on processors.

for eg: when i get an error on getsftp processor it was captured by the reporting task but errors of table not found in puthbase processor were not captured. How to capture all bulletins at once ? I want to do this for implementing error handling and notifying mechanism,i checked this way but as my flow alraedy has too many processors i am looking for a way to not use retry check loop in order to minimize count of processors.

Can all bulletins be captured using sitetositebulletin reportingtask or should i implement retrycheckloop to capture processor specific failure events?

Please suggest!!

Thanks in advance.


Super Guru

SiteToSiteBulletinReportingTask should report on all bulletins, not just global ones. What is your configuration for that reporting task?

Thanks for your reply @Matt Burgess,understood the concept. Actually i had a puthbase processor which had 15 flowfiles in failure and since the processor keeps retrying huge number of bulletins were generated and i guess this was the reason the json from sitetositebulletinreportingtask was not generated.later on when i minimized the number of errors by stopping the processor i was able to see json. Is my assumption correct? if this was the reason the of delay response from reportingtask, any solution you could suggest? as in production we may get a large number of bulletins. or is something wrong at with my nifi instance?

here is my sitetositebulletinreportingtaskreportingtask configuration: