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where to find complete set of RHEL 6.5 packages? like to check on my OS if any missing package and like to know the list of required RHEL package for ambari(without internet) installation

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HDP doc said: The installer pulls many packages from the base OS repositories. If you do not have a complete set of base OS repositories available to all your machines at the time of installation you may run into issues.

1. when we have issues install ambari without internet, I think I need to compare with the current OS packages to the complete set of RHEL 6.5 packages. any one can give me a clue on that?

2. or any one can show me the required packages for install HDP/ambari without internet access.

3. It will be great if HDP doc would provide list of required package for its installation, not just overall ask for complete set of package for OS.


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@Neeraj, very good info, I will check on this now.

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@Robin Dong It looks like you accepted your own comment. I converted it to comment. Please do accept the answer to close the thread ..If it's useful