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where we can check the superset logs ?

where we can check the superset logs? im using superset 0.23 and hdp version is 3.0 ,now i want to check the logs of superset, i didnt find anything in /var/logs/superset, i tried in console using runserver -d nothing shows there? can any body help me on this issue?


Hi @choppadandi vamshi krishna,

I am not sure why is logs not populating in /var/log/superset folder for you. i see in my cluster. its located in the same location

[root@asn1 superset]# pwd
[root@asn1 superset]# ls -l
total 4 -rw-r--r--. 1 superset hadoop 511 Dec 19 18:33 superset.log

Also, you must check this in the host where superset is installed not ambari server.

additionally you can check your log location with the following command :

[root@asn1 superset]# ps -ef|grep superset
superset 13493     1  0 18:33 ?        00:00:00 /usr/hdp/ /usr/hdp/current/superset/bin/gunicorn -D --workers 4 -p /var/run/superset/ --log-file /var/log/superset/superset.log -t 60 -b --limit-request-line 0 --limit-request-field_size 0 superset:app
superset 13496 13493  6 18:33 ?        00:00:02 /usr/hdp/ /usr/hdp/current/superset/bin/gunicorn -D --workers 4 -p /var/run/superset/ --log-file /var/log/superset/superset.log -t 60 -b --limit-request-line 0 --limit-request-field_size 0 superset:app

Please accept this answer if its helpful.

Thanks bro ! i get the log files only worker exiting related ,iam unable to check the error related logs ,where can i found this.