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write /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob634393671: no space left on device

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I'm trying to install Docker HDP 2.6.5 sandbox on AWS Centos instance. It keeps failing with the following:

write /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob634393671: no space left on device

[root@ip-10-2-1-170 binaries]# sh + registry=hortonworks + name=sandbox-hdp + version=2.6.5 + proxyName=sandbox-proxy + proxyVersion=1.0 + flavor=hdp + echo hdp + mkdir -p sandbox/proxy/conf.d + mkdir -p sandbox/proxy/ + docker pull hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:2.6.5 2.6.5: Pulling from hortonworks/sandbox-hdp 9770d73ca513: Pulling fs layer cbba75ae30cd: Pulling fs layer 283e5725c5f6: Pulling fs layer 1426e9ece03d: Waiting 4b00051fa827: Waiting d09cdd825ed6: Pull complete dcbfe1670fa6: Pull complete fd78a46757f7: Pull complete 5bad1882139b: Pull complete d29a62d4eb22: Pull complete 4fb93bf04f14: Pull complete 8827f466ab83: Pull complete a0fc39e77949: Pull complete 595eabd2c628: Downloading [==================================================>] 1.487GB/1.487GB 2a7fd016935e: Download complete 87526fe8ce7c: Download complete d91a044a9aaf: Download complete bbffcb08266c: Download complete 65c812fb262a: Download complete 132f30914412: Download complete 0f3e10681220: Download complete 505f5a3365a7: Download complete abaff3c0f761: Download complete 7d75f267b911: Download complete 18099674493a: Downloading [==================================================>] 5.495GB/5.495GB 26310ba15287: Download complete 635c5bfe7fc8: Download complete 2f80a5abf101: Downloading [==================================================>] 7.041GB/7.041GB write /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob634393671: no space left on device + docker pull hortonworks/sandbox-proxy:1.0 1.0: Pulling from hortonworks/sandbox-proxy 951bdea65c93: Pull complete 4b9047c5fbbb: Pull complete 773156407aae: Pull complete d8524176841d: Pull complete Digest: sha256:42e4cfbcbb76af07e5d8f47a183a0d4105e65a1e7ef39fe37ab746e8b2523e9e Status: Downloaded newer image for hortonworks/sandbox-proxy:1.0 + '[' hdp == hdf ']' + '[' hdp == hdp ']' + ++ docker images ++ grep hortonworks/sandbox-hdp ++ awk '{print $2}' + version= + docker network create cda e3817f30f480ddb7ff160d91f306de9a92dedc1a3b9a3c84780f21cf453ad2d9 + docker run --privileged --name sandbox-hdp -h --network=cda -d hortonworks/sandbox-hdp: docker: invalid reference format. See 'docker run --help'. + echo ' Remove existing postgres run files. Please wait' Remove existing postgres run files. Please wait + sleep 2 + docker exec -t sandbox-hdp sh -c 'rm -rf /var/run/postgresql/*; systemctl restart postgresql;' Error: No such container: sandbox-hdp + sed s/sandbox-hdp-security/sandbox-hdp/g assets/ + mv -f assets/ assets/ + chmod +x assets/ + assets/ + uname + grep MINGW + chmod +x sandbox/proxy/ + sandbox/proxy/ 376e39b4b00fa5f5b9fcbf0d3cb8c03f023c963c7c1b584305818e3ec8fbbb1c

I've run the dm:basesize to set it to 20G.

How can I get past this error?


Super Collaborator

Hi Ken,

the filesystem /var/lib/docker/tmp is located on the docker host, so dependent on how you install it, this you AWS centos or maybe the Sandbox itself, where a docker is run.

So check there on the size of the filesystem (df -h /var/lib/docker/tmp). If you run the sandbox there might even be restriction on the VirtualBox executing the Sandbox.