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Admins can now update the configuration of Cloudera Machine Learning Workspaces on Azure

Cloudera Employee

Previously, the settings on a Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) Workspace created on Microsoft Azure could not be adjusted after the ML Workspace was provisioned. This meant that, for example, the autoscaling range for Azure instances could not be changed in order to provide additional compute to the Users on the ML Workspace.


When viewing the details of a given ML Workspace from the CDP Management Console, several settings are now updateable. These include the Allowed Load Balancer Source Ranges, API Server Authorized IP Ranges, and Autoscale Range on the Azure instances. This enables Admins to not only enable the ML Workspace to continue to work even after networking changes, but also either expand or restrict the number of instances that could be made available to handle the various workloads on the ML Workspace.