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CDP Operational Database now supports HDFS for storage on Cloud Block Storage in addition to Cloud Object Storage on AWS and Azure

Rising Star
  • COD now supports HDFS for fast and consistent performance.
  • Cloud Object Storage has a high variance in latency, and sometimes the delay in accessing the data is high. The operational cost in managing such an operational database is expensive, as it reads millions of data per second. COD now deploys HDFS on Cloud Block Storage, which ensures that the performance characteristics are similar to on-prem. This feature simplifies the lift-and-shift efforts to the cloud.
  • This capability includes an updated ‘update-database’ command in CDP CLI Beta to enable tuning of auto-scaling based on HDFS utilisation.


This is available starting in COD v1.13 and you do not need to upgrade to a higher version of COD to benefit from this feature.


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