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CML's new Data Discovery and Visualization feature accelerates the data science process and reduces time to insights

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The Data Discovery and Visualization experience ships with preconfigured Data Connections, a database browser, interactive SQL editor, drag-and-drop Visual Dashboarding, and Connection Snippets. These new capabilities speed up the development process by cutting down the time spent finding, exploring, understanding, and accessing the data.


Data Scientists need to fully understand their data in order to analyze it properly, build models, and power ML use cases. To reduce the time to insights, CML ships all tools required to integrate these tools to reduce the friction between the different steps and to speed up the development process for data science teams.




These new capabilities are built on top of Cloudera Data Visualization, giving state-of-the-art visual capabilities at the hand of Data Scientists. To get started, you can step into any Project in a CML May or newer Workspace and hit the Data tab.


You can read more about the new capabilities in the documentation here.