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Cloud Resource Validation Tool (cdpctl) Adds Support for Azure


With the cdpctl command line utility, Cloud Administrators can verify compatibility of existing setups with CDP prior to handing over to the CDP Administrator.  cdpctl now adds support for Microsoft Azure in addition to Amazon Web Services.  


CDP Public Cloud customers often choose to provision their environments into existing cloud accounts where resources such as networking, IAM and storage are pre-created by IT and vetted for adherence to corporate standards.   Getting this right often takes several iterations between the Cloud Administrator and the CDP Administrator. In larger organizations with well-defined organizational boundaries, this exercise can stretch into days.


Cloud Administrators can now download the cdpctl utility and use it to verify compatibility of existing resources with CDP on both Azure and AWS.  The leading cause of CDP provisioning failures are related to network, storage locations or access to these (IAM).  This release of cdpctl validates cloud infrastructure against a list of our most common failure scenarios, including verifying networking (VPC/VNet, Subnets, Security Groups), storage (S3/ADLSv2) locations and validating that the provided cloud IAM resources have the right access to the underlying resources. 


Future releases will add the ability to create missing resources and provisioning CDP environments,.


To use cdpctl, you must have Docker installed on your computer.  Instructions on how to get started are available in the preview section of the Cloudera Docs site, or visit the cdpctl repository on the Cloudera Labs github https://github.com/cloudera-labs/cdpctl