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Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) service diagnostic bundles improves service visibility and troubleshooting

Cloudera Employee

Administrators of Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) on CDP Public Cloud now have access to real-time as well as historical diagnostic log bundles without the need to access S3 or Kubernetes APIs.  Bundles are streamed directly to the users local machine pre-packaged as zip files that can easily be uploaded to Support tickets.  


Previously administrators of CDE had to use kubectl to access service pods during troubleshooting scenarios, requiring privileged access and manual steps.   Now, within each CDE service, two types of bundles are available, providing different metrics about the health of the underlying kubernetes cluster and service applications.  The first bundle is a summary snapshot of the state of active pods.  The second, allows the administrator to choose a time period along with specific service applications (such cluster autoscaler) to extract historical logs from.


To learn more visit the documentation.