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Cloudera DataFlow 2.5 supports latest NiFi version, new flow metric based auto-scaling, new Designer capabilities and in-place upgrades are now GA


The latest release (2.5.0-b210) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces NiFi 1.21, flow metrics driven auto-scaling, advanced UIs for JoltTransformJSON and UpdateAttribute processors, bulk actions in the Flow Designer, UDR support on Azure and makes in-place upgrades generally available to all customers.


  • Flow Deployments and Test Sessions now support the latest Apache NiFi 1.21 release.
  • In-place upgrades are now generally available to all customers. For more information, see Service upgrade.
  • Flow Deployments now support Flow Metrics Scaling in addition to CPU utilization based auto-scaling. For more information, see Auto-scaling flow deployments
  • When selecting Private Cluster during enablement on Azure, CDF no longer provisions a public load balancer and now supports User Defined Routes (UDR).
  • Users can now provide their own values for the Kubernetes Pod CIDR Range and Kubernetes Service CIDR Range during enablement
  • CDF now inherits load balancer configuration including available subnets from its associated CDP environment during the enablement process

New Flow Designer Features

  • The Flow Designer now supports multi-selection on the canvas and bulk actions for Start, Stop, Enable, Disable, Move, Change parent group, Copy/Paste, and Delete.
  • The Flow Designer now supports the advanced configuration UI for UpdateAttribute.
  • The Flow Designer now supports the advanced configuration UI for JoltTransformJson.
  • The Flow Designer now supports Birdseye and Zoom controls.


  • The Flow Designer now supports Processor Diagnostics with an active Test Session.

New ReadyFlows

The following new ReadyFlows have been added to the ReadyFlow Gallery:

  • CDW Ingest
  • CDP Kafka to Snowflake
  • Slack to S3
  • Updated Confluent Cloud to Snowflake using new Snowpipe processors

To learn more about this release, see the product documentation, take the interactive Flow Designer product tour and visit the product page!