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Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud introduces Inbound Connections and supports Apache NiFi 1.16

Cloudera Employee

This release (CDF-PC 2.0.0-b302) introduces the following new features for both, AWS and Azure customers:


  • Flow Deployments can now be configured with Inbound Connections providing a stable hostname, automated certificate/key generation as well as automated load balancer provisioning to enable client applications to securely send data to a NiFi Flow Deployment.
  • Flow Deployments now support the latest Apache NiFi 1.16 release.
  • Flow Deployments on Azure now use Premium SSD disks to store NiFi’s various repositories.
  • Python 3.9 is now installed on NiFi containers allowing users to run python scripts through NiFi processors. Requests and urllib3 libraries are also installed by default.
  • Information level alerts are now displayed in the Dashboard to inform users about an action they should perform for a Flow Deployment without changing the Flow Deployment status to “Concerning”.
  • Deployments can now be restarted from the Deployment Manager to perform actions that require a NiFi process restart.
  • Filters that have been set in the Dashboard are now persisted after a user has navigated to the Deployment Manager and returned back to the Dashboard.
  • When enabling DataFlow, you can now specify CIDRs as a comma separated list to configure Load Balancer and Kubernetes API Server Endpoint Access.
  • CDF-PC integration into the CDP CLI is now generally available. Make sure you run the latest CDP
    CLI version
    to use cdp df commands.
    When release 2.0.0-b302 becomes generally available, the CDP CLI version supporting cdp df commands may not be available yet. In this case, use the beta CDP CLI.
  • The following ReadyFlows have been added to the ReadyFlow Gallery:
    • JDBC to S3/ADLS
    • Non-CDP ADLS to CDP ADLS
    • Non-CDP ADLS to CDP ADLS
    • Azure Event Hub to ADLS
    • ListenHTTP filter to Kafka
    • Confluent Cloud to S3/ADLS
    • Confluent Cloud to Snowflake

Learn more about the new features in the CDF-PC documentation and take an interactive tour of CDF-PC.