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Cloudera Operational Database (COD) provides a CLI option to enable HBase region canaries

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COD now provides a CLI option, --enable-region-canary to enable the HBase region canaries while creating an operational database.

Use the following command to enable the HBase region canaries.

cdp opdb create-database --environment-name ENVIRONMENT_NAME --database-name DATABASE_NAME --enable-region-canary

If the command is successful, the following HBase canaries are added. You can view them on the Cloudera Manager UI under the HBase service.

  • hbase_region_health_canary_enabled
  • hbase_region_health_canary_slow_run_alert_enabled
  • hbase_canary_alert_unhealthy_region_percent_threshold


For more information, see Enabling HBase region canary.


This is available starting in COD v1.27 and you do not need to upgrade to a higher version of COD to benefit from this feature.


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