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Cloudera Operational Database (COD) provides enhancements to the --scale-type CDP CLI option

Cloudera Employee

In CDP CLI, the --scale-type option now supports all the three options --scale-type (string) <MICRO, LIGHT, HEAVY>. COD has added support for additional parameters, LIGHT and HEAVY. You can specify these options for the --master-node-type.

  • --scale-type LIGHT (-master-node-type LITE)
  • --scale-type HEAVY (-master-node-type HEAVY)

Additionally, COD has removed the --master-node-type (string) <LITE,HEAVY> CDP CLI option.

For more information, see CDP CLI Beta.


This is available starting in COD v1.31 and you do not need to upgrade to a higher version of COD to benefit from this feature.


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