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Cloudera Streams Messaging 7.2.12 New Features


With the launch of the Cloudera Public Cloud 7.2.12, the Streams Messaging for Data Hub deployments have gotten some interesting new features! From this release, Streams Messaging templates will support scaling with automatic rebalancing allowing you to grow or shrink your Apache Kafka cluster based on demand. Another notable item is that Streams Replication Manager (SRM) will now support multi-cluster monitoring patterns and aggregate replication metrics from multiple SRM deployments into a single viewable location in Streams Messaging Manager (SMM.) Last but not least is Apache Atlas and Schema Registry (SR) Integration, now you will be able to view Kafka topic schemas in Atlas letting you navigate data lineage from consumers and producers and see the schema of the topic they use without having to navigate back to the SR UI.


Learn more about these features in our CSM 7.2.12 release blog!