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Cloudera’s Model Registry is Now Generally Available (GA)!

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We're excited to announce the General Availability (GA) of the Cloudera Model Registry, your centralized hub for storing, managing, and deploying machine learning models and their associated metadata. This robust tool simplifies the MLOps process, enabling organizations to develop, deploy, and maintain machine learning models effortlessly in a production environment.

Cloudera's Model Registry addresses the challenges of fragmentation and lack of visibility in MLOps workflows. Serving as the single source of truth for model versions and lineage, it streamlines workflows, enhancing the traceability and reproducibility of model development.

The Model Registry is now officially accessible in CML Public Cloud. To harness the full potential of General Availability (GA), upgrade your CML Workspaces and deploy your new Model Registry!

You can find more information about the new Model Registry in our documentation.