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Improved support for hybrid environments in Management Console


The Management Console for CDP public cloud improves support for hybrid environments by adding support for CDP Private Cloud Base. 


You can now register Private Cloud Base clusters as Classic Cluster, similar to what has been available for CDH and HDP clusters. You do not need inbound connectivity to a cluster running on-premise; the process supports creation of a reverse ssh tunnel if required. 


This capability will allow you to use Private Cloud Base as the source for Replication Manager.  


This feature has been enabled for all CDP accounts.  To learn how to use this feature, please view the documentation.


Support for Data Catalog is also available as a Preview, but Data Catalog and Replication Manager support are mutually exclusive while this feature is in Preview state. Preview features are available by request only. To get this feature enabled in your CDP account, please reach out to your Cloudera sales team.