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Cloudera Manager 4.7.0 - Test Enterprise Version



I get to a problem in Cloudera Manager and I can't configure hue service anymore. When I click configuration tab on hue service an error is launched:



Versión: Prueba de Cloudera Enterprise 4.7.0 (#122 built by jenkins on 20130905-1648 git: 058bfadc12904cd7a2d2066e61d28b3db44896e5)

at line 94
in add()
It is in spanish but the error is there.
I don't know what to do, I can configure individual components (Hue Server, and Beeswax server) but not the general hue service.
Thanks for the help



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Re: Cloudera Manager 4.7.0 - Test Enterprise Version

Hola Manuel,


Bienvenido a la comunidad en linea de Cloudera. Este error se descubrió hace algunos dias, y por lo mismo hemos creado la versión 4.7.1 de Cloudera Manager. Se le recommienda actualizar hasta 4.7.1 para obtener este fix, y puedes leer los detalles sobre lo mismo en el documento "Release Notes".




This error in Cloudera Manager 4.7.0 was quickly discovere and CM 4.7.1 was rapidly released to address it. The Release Notes here discuss the item that is fixed to remove this error. I would advise that you upgrade directly up to the dot-release 4.7.1 which will fix the error.



Mark S. | Cloudera 


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Re: Cloudera Manager 4.7.0 - Test Enterprise Version



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