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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera on Public Cloud Runtime 7.2.18 is GA!

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We’re excited to share the latest runtime version of Cloudera on public cloud: 7.2.18! This update is now GA, and it brings enhanced security, efficiency, and data management capabilities to your cloud environment, ensuring your infrastructure is fully supported and optimized for future innovation.

What’s New?

  • RHEL 8 is the new default OS, bringing a secure, high-performance, and cloud-optimized foundation for your big data workloads
  • Rolling Upgrades, now GA for Data Lakes and Cloudera Operational Database, allow OS and runtime upgrades without any application downtime
  • Apache Iceberg + Apache Atlas Integration is now GA for metadata and lineage support for governance of Iceberg tables
  • New Flow Management Data Hub Tech Preview templates, based on Apache NiFi 2.0, enable you to build GenAI pipelines easier and faster using the latest version of Apache NiFi
  • Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.12 is now available on the Streaming Analytics DataHub, with Apache Flink 1.18, Flink Application Mode, PyFlink support, and SQL Stream Builder enhancements

Full release notes and documentation can be found here.


Your upgrade is supported every step of the way. Visit our 7.2.18 Upgrade Documentation for more information as well as step-by-step instructions in order to make your upgrade as straightforward as can be. 

You can also check out our 5-day Public Cloud Trial to see how you can further take advantage of our cloud platform for Generative AI, Streaming Data Distribution, and utilizing an Open Data Lakehouse.

Thank you for trusting Cloudera. We're excited to support your next steps in cloud data management.


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