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Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud is now generally available on CDP Public Cloud (AWS)


We’re thrilled to announce that all CDP Public Cloud customers now have access to Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud (CDF-PC), the first cloud-native runtime for Apache NiFi data flows.


CDF-PC enables Apache NiFi users to run their existing data flows on a managed, auto-scaling platform. With a streamlined way to deploy NiFi data flows and a central monitoring dashboard, it is now easier than ever before to operate NiFi data flows at scale in the public cloud.


CDF-PC provides the following features:

  • Import existing NiFi flows and store them in a central catalog
  • Deploy NiFi flows from the central catalog to auto-scaling Kubernetes clusters
  • Allocate resources and set guardrails for individual NiFi deployments
  • Define and monitor KPIs on key NiFi data flow metrics
  • Monitor all your flow deployments from a central dashboard
  • Push-Button NiFi version upgrades
  • Get started with new data flows by using ReadyFlow templates for the most common data movement patterns
  • Consumption based billing


To learn more about Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud, read our blog post about the Technical Highlights of CDF-PC and visit the documentation.