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CDP Operational Databases provides additional visibility into performance

Cloudera Employee

CDP Operational Database (COD) provides increased visibility into performance with graphs on P99 latency, block cache hit ratio, compaction queue size.


P99 get latency is one of the key metrics used to determine auto-scaling behavior in COD.  P99 refers to the maximum latency 99% of the requests incur (i.e., 99% of requests are responded to in less than this latency figure).  In other words, only 1% of the requests are expected to be slower than this metric.


Block cache hit ratio refers to the # of requests/minute that are serviced from the block cache instead of object storage.  This is an overall driver of database performance as object storage (S3 on AWS, ABFS on Microsoft Azure) is slow relative to the block cache.


Compaction queue size gives an indication of the number of Stores in HBase that have been targeted for compaction. 


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