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Cloudera Certification Update (3/20/2020)

Cloudera Employee

Greetings All,  

As of Monday, March 23 the following Cloudera certification exams will be available to schedule/attempt:

We've added a free video to help individuals acquaint themselves with the new exam environment.  Additional information on what to expect in the exams is located on the individual test landing pages (provided above).  

This leaves CCP Data Engineer as the last of the legacy exams we need to release.  We believe this will be released in the very near future.  
We understand the delay in relaunching our certification program may have impacted those who have been preparing for the exam.  We regret the inconvenience caused.  For those in possession of a certification voucher prior to October 18, 2019, we have extended the vouchers’s expiration date by six months.  Candidates who attempt the exam and would like to purchase another voucher may use the code ‘SecondShot’ to benefit from a 50% discount.

We appreciate your patience and continued support of Cloudera certification and training programs.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact


Mark Morrissey
Senior Director, Cloudera Educational Services

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