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November 2019 Community Highlights

Community Manager

 Here are some highlights from the month of November on the Cloudera Community.


Community activity:


  •  589 new support questions
  •  18 new community articles
  •  1070 new members


Top tag views:


  1. Data Processing
  2. Hive
  3. Data Ingestion & Streaming


Top Solution Authors 


Links to the Top Solution Authors leaderboard as well as others can be found on our Leaderboards and Badges page. We would like to recognize the below community members and employees for their efforts over the month of November to provide community solutions. 


Rank Community Member Solutions Rank Employee Solutions
#1 @Shelton  27 #1 @MattWho  14
#2 @sagarshimpi  11 #2 @EricL  7
#3 @mcginnda  2 #3 @jsensharma  6
#3 @stevenmatison  2 #4 @GangWar  5
#3 @AndyAjram  2 #5 @Tim Armstrong  2
#3 @miaow  2      

Topics Needing Answers


Here are a sample of the community questions that have not received a reply:

  1. Inserting data into exiting partitioned Hive table using Pig Scripts
  2. Timeline Service v2.0 and ats-hbase
  3. Spark JDBC to Read and Write from and to Hive
  4. Impala-shell connection issue with ldap
  5. Connection between HDFS docker container & NIFI docker container

Please feel free to jump in and share your expertise to answer open questions. Also be sure to bookmark the unanswered question page to find additional open questions. 


This Month's Tip: Reporting Spam on the Community 

Spam (Unsolicited usually commercial messages) interferes with members’ ability to effectively utilize the community so it is important to remove it as quickly as possible. The community automatically monitors new posts and flags suspect content as spam, which sends it to the spam quarantine. Community moderators review the quarantined posts to ensure no valid posts were flagged. 


While the automated system catches most of the spam, sometimes things are not caught by the system. This is where the community comes in as another way to combat spam posts. If a member spots suspected spam or other inappropriate content on the community, here are the steps to report it. 


  1. Click on the options menu (signified by three vertical dots) next to the offending post.
  2. Click on the "Report Inappropriate Content" option
    Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 12.58.15 PM.png
  3. On the next page enter a comment describing the inappropriate activity and click "Notify Moderator.

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 1.02.24 PM.png

Submitting the report will notify the community moderation team so the first available moderator can review the post and take the appropriate action. 



Cloudera Employee

Congrats to our top solution authors. Thanks for your contributions!

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