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November 2022 Community Highlights

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Here are some highlights from the month of October


  • 217 new support questions
  • 15 new community articles
  • 702 new members






Community Article


Components/ Labels


Using Flink to monitor Ranger audits – User Session Analysis

William Dyson 

Apache Flink

Apache Ranger

Cloudera Streaming Analytics (CSA)


Dynamic Policy Hooks in CDP

Davide Vergari 

Apache Ranger


Understanding NiFi's "Terminate" option on running components.

Matthew Clarke 

Apache NiFi


Parquet timestamp handling for non UTC data in CDP 7.1.7 cluster.

Usman Khan


Apache Hive

 Apache Spark

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud (CDP-Private)

Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub


Override CDSW image load directory other than /var/lib/cdsw/docker-tmp

Gopinath Nagarajan 

Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW)



We would like to recognize the below community members and employees for their efforts over the last month to provide community solutions. 

See all our top participants at Top Solution Authors leaderboard and all the other leaderboards on our Leaderboards and Badges page.  



@Green_ @SAMSAL @Shelton @joda @MattWho @rki_ @smdas @mszurap 



Share your expertise and answer some of the below open questions. Also, be sure to bookmark the unanswered question page to find additional open questions. 


Unanswered Community Post 

Components/ Labels

PutDatabaseRecord truncates microseconds from timestamps

Apache NiFi

Hortonworks Hive 35 Error

Apache Hadoop

Apache Hive

Accumulo Maven artifacts for CDP 7.1.7

Apache Accumulo
CDP Private

HDFS Path & configuration

Apache Atlas

Apache Hadoop

Error executing command 'pg-list' : Connection refused (Connection refused)

Apache NiFi

NiFi Registry


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